AMA Analyzes the Problem and Delivers the Solution

Historically, materials have defined an era such as the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age.  In modern times, technology is advancing rapidly.  Understanding how materials behave (mechanically, thermally, electronically and chemically) is often times critical to getting the final product to operate within desired specifications.

Applied Materials Applications, LLC. (AMA) is focused on understanding your materials problems and delivering solutions that work for your product.

Examples of advanced materials applications include:

  • The integration of new materials into products to advance the state of the art.
  • The innovation of products through integrating conventional materials in a new way.

Advanced Materials Applications, LLC analyzes problems and delivers solutions by:

  • Understanding the relationship between material structure, how they are processed and the properties that result
  • Looking at the problem from multiple length scales
  • Accessing an extensive materials literature database
  • Utilizing finite element analysis (including electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical analysis) to understand the problem
  • Comparing finite element analysis to the analytical solution
  • Accessing an extensive materials literature database
  • Experimentally validating the solution

Our services include in-depth analysis of materials problems, on-site visits, phone consultations and presentations by an expert Materials Scientist and Engineer versed in a wide scope of materials.

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